Love This! Listen: PJ Morton feat. Stevie Wonder-Only One

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Take a listen to PJ Morton and Stevie Wonder on the track entitled “Only One.” What do you think? Sounds good, right? PJ’s major label debut album, New Orleans, releases on May 14th.

pj morton

From Billboard:

“Stevie is my biggest influence,” he told Billboard of the collaboration. “Out of anybody, Stevie’s really the one that I studied the most growing up in music, so we literally tried everything to get him on the song.”

Morton said he met with Wonder personally and then followed up with the idea of the collaboration. Thanks to the positive response from both Wonder and an associate in his camp, the inclusion of the music legend on the track came to fruition.

“Someone who’s been working with him for years, a fan of my music, just really singlehandedly got him into the studio, recorded the song, and emailed it to me,” he said. “It’s really a bucket list dream for me. It’s a dream come true.”

Possessing percussion-heavy instrumentation with jazzy undertones, “Only One,” touches on the subject of love, a topic PJ Morton’s fans are familiar with.

“I’m in love with love and that’s a theme I touch on very often, so its more of that,” he said. “I feel like ‘Only One’ is like Kanye meets Stevie. It’s always a mash-up in that way, where I’m trying to make sure its things that my generation can enjoy, but its props to all of the music that’s come before me, that’s inspired me.”

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