The Sisterhood: What Marvin Sapp thinks + See video of first episode

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the sisterhoodDid you watch the premiere of The Sisterhood on New Year’s Day? I did and actually I didn’t think it was too bad (well except for the banana/condom scene).

It’s a reality show and those kind of shows are mostly about the extreme to get folks attention. Now that scene with one of the pastors teaching his daughters about safe sex with the banana and condoms was way out there. I know we should teach our teens about sex and its consequences, but I did not like his method.

Did you watch the show? What did you think?

Check out the Social Cam video below of what Marvin Sapp said about the show. I thought it was interesting that he proved his point with Proverbs 11:22–“As a ring of gold in a swine’s snout, so is a lovely woman who lacks discretion.” The men lacked discretion too—that banana scene certainly did!

Watch the first episode of The Sisterhood

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