Video: LaShun Pace talks about dealing with cancer + Is her daughter Arion next to put out new music?

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Spotted at Gospel News Room

This video is so encouraging!

Gospel music legend LaShun Pace shares what she’s been going through after being diagnosed with cancer. She’s been through so much! It’s encouraging to her words of faith in God regardless of what happens.

I loved the portion of the interview with LaShun’s beautiful daughter, Arion.¬†Arion said that she hates when her mother calls her up to sing, but she loves God enough to yield to His will for her life. I’m looking forward to hearing new gospel music from Arion.

Follow LaShun Pace on Twitter at @LaShunPace!

Lashun Pace and daughter Arion

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  1. says

    Somebody somewhere is praying just for you. When it seems to tough, he’ll be more than enough! H’ell make it alright.
    Be encouraged and be blessed.
    Mr. Psalmist

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