Get the new United Tenors CD + See lyric video for ‘Unshakeable’

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It’s here! Be sure to get your copy of the new CD from the United Tenors on iTunes or Amazon. The highly anticipated CD is full of great worship songs that are sure to usher you closer to God.

“For a long time women have been at the forefront of the Gospel music sound, and we want to complement that and show what it looks like when men worship together; and also show that men CAN worship together. There was total peace while recording this project.”-Fred Hammond

Get it on iTunes here: United Tenors: Hammond, Hollister, Roberson, Wilson – Fred Hammond

United Tenors Lyric Video-Unshakeable

United Tenors: Hammond Hollister Roberson Wilson

United Tenors Hammond Hollister Roberson Wilson

“I’ve been doing albums forever, but this was like a breath of fresh air. The process was easy because Fred did the heavy lifting with the writing.  We came in, he played the songs, and once we pulled ourselves together after hearing the music and hearing Fred singing the songs, we started recording.  It was one of my best experiences and, again, like a breath of fresh air.”-Dave Hollister

“Just as Fred mentioned, we’ve had a very female driven sound, in terms of choral music, for the last few years…When men get together and sing chorally, sing together, sing in unison, it creates a different resonance in the atmosphere, and I’m glad to be a part of it…My prayer is that people hear this music and feel the joy that I felt when we were in the room recording.”-Brian Courtney Wilson

“We all did something that we didn’t have to do. We did something that felt good, and was for the betterment of Gospel music and for the betterment of music in general.  And it’s also for the betterment of brotherhood and communication between men. We all have our careers. So, for us to kind of stop our personal careers to put our eyes on a certain project, it means a lot. Hopefully that becomes contagious, and other people will try to think about what Gospel music needs, and come together to try to fill that space as well.”-Eric Roberson

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