Check out Json’s new lyric video for ‘Braille’ + Json shares his testimony

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When asked about the music he makes, Json says, “You can’t see it, but you can feel it”. In an attempt to make heartfelt music, he sees his music as being similar to Braille. It communicates information important to him, but even more, communicates the attitude of his heart. He is known for bearing his all through his music and Braille, Json’s 5th studio album, does this and more.

He sees it as the perfect balance between his last two albums, City Lights and Growing Pains. City Lights had a lot of bangers on it, while Growing Pains was more emotional. With Braille, it’s as if he took the best of both of those albums and made a new masterpiece. With Braille, you will hear Json as you’ve come to love him. Passionate and piercing as he relates all of life to the Christian walk.

J’son Lyric Video for Braille

Json Shares His Testimony

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