New CD from Mr. Del features Canton Jones, Rod. G. Newman

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Mr. Del

Be sure to pick up the fourth studio album, Faith Walka, from Mr. Del on Amazon or iTunes. The CD features collaborations with Canton Jones on “Forget To Forgive” and Rod G. Newman on “Sunglasses” (see video below).

As a former member of the hugely successful, multi-platinum hardcore rap group Three 6 Mafia, Mr. Del became a Christian and walked away from the group, money, fame and just about everything that he knew. He suddenly found himself alone, broke and homeless. He was forced to leave Memphis for a time after receiving death threats from those that were once part of his inner circle. But in the midst of his darkest days, he learned that God was sufficient, and that there was a calling on his life.

“I started to feel an emptiness living the Gangsta Rap life,” says Mr. Del. “It wasn’t as fulfilling as I thought it would be. I started to have a conviction about my generation and the message and damage I was doing to it. So I left the Gangsta Rap life to pursue a life of walking by faith. This album is my report of what I’ve seen along my journey.”

Mr. Del & Rod G. Newman Sunglasses

Faith Walka Mr. Del

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