See new video from Johnnyswim for Heart Beats + Where did the group name come from?

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Did you know that one half of Johnnyswim (Amanda Sudano) is the daughter of the late Donna Summer? The husband-and-wife duo of Abner Ramirez and Amanda Sudano is causing quite a stir in the world of music. I love when they visit Lakewood Church because their music is thought provoking and a wonderful mix of many different sounds.

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…and their explanation of where the name Johnnyswim comes from?

R: If I could be perfectly honest, we give a lot of misinformation about where the name comes from. It’s a bit of a game for us. We were surprised as anyone to hear that there’s a line in Jaws where the guy says “Swim, Johnny, swim!” We put it on our Wikipedia page, and people believed us.

The real story is that Johnnyswim comes from the name of Amanda’s goldfish when she was a kid. The fish died and floated to the top of the bowl, and Amanda’s mom was trying to get rid of it before Amanda could find it. But Amanda walked in and started yelling “No wait—he’s alive! Johnny, swim!” And it was such a cute story that we decided it should be the name of our band—so Johnny can still live on.

That is a cute story . . . is it true?
(Pause . . . Laughter)
S: No, definitely not.

R: The real one’s not as fun. So we’re going to keep making up fake stories. Source

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