Wow! It’s been 26 years since Crystal Lewis released a CD?

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crystal lewis

It has…..but you can help Crystal change that right now. Crystal has a campaign on Kickstarter to help her raise $40,000 to fund both an English and Spanish version of a new album. She’s almost there…..she’s raised almost half so far.

I’ve always been a fan of Crystal Lewis so I’m looking forward to hearing a new album from her!

It’s been 26 years since the release of my first solo album. That is a long time to do the same thing but I believe that God loves taking us to new heights. He is giving us glimpses of His grace from new angles and using us in new ways we never would have dreamt.

While technology has changed substantially in the last 26 years, I believe that God’s message of love, hope and grace remains the same. And while the music industry‚Ķindeed the music itself has changed, my love of it continues.¬† I believe that God is taking me into yet another new season and I so want to invite you to come along.-Crystal Lewis.

The project will only happen if $40,000 is raised by July 1st. There are some great rewards for those that contribute–including a 30 minute singing lesson via Skype with Crystal. Visit Crystal’s Kickstarter campaign page to contribute towards her project–>Crystal Lewis Kickstarter

i love singing about Jesus. i wasn’t forced to, nobody chose that path for me. the doors of opportunity were opened to me on multiple levels. but i believe in what i’m singing about. and in the same way those artists that i loved and listened to in my younger days helped to shape my heart in those early years, i want to give that same gift to people. and i suppose i have along the way… to a certain extent. but i’m not done yet. i’ve got more to give. more to say. another song or two to sing.

so… i’m asking for your support. the goal of this kickstarter campaign is to raise funds for a new record. an album of songs that i trust will make you happy, assist in making life long memories, give you hope. inspire you, move you, affect you. shape you. but most of all serve to help build your foundation on the rock of truth.-Crystal Lewis

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