Video: Le’Andria Johnson sings at memorial service for Mary Mary’s father

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Our sincere sympathies go out the the family of Mary Mary. Looks like it was a beautiful memorial service.

Le’Andria was asked by Erica & Tina of Mary Mary, who recently lost their father, to sing at the memorial service. Our sincere condolences go out to them and the entire family.

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  1. sandra shellman says

    It was not about her, but their father’s funeral. She was terrible, She hollered for 13 minuets aying the same thing nothing new about (Loving Jesus). Wen is black folks going to learn hollering through a song do not make them a good singer, Sounds like she was looking for a singing contract with a lot of money.. We need to get back to the basic and sing reverence to the deceased and their families.



  2. monica may says

    Looks like they enjoyed themselves. That’s how she worships God they knew what Le’Andria was about before they got her so Sanda Shellman you can kill that noise. Its not suppose to be sad it’s a homegoing service and these people are worshipping. Great job Le’Andria Johnson

  3. delores says

    It is quite evident she does not know about funeral decorum. First she was dressed for a walk in the park. A tank top, come on. I never could tell what song she was singing, but nevertheless, she sang too long. It was indeed like she was in concert. It is so sad when it becomes about you and not how the family is hurting and just need a word of encouragement. I don’t think Ms. Johnson’s career is going to last to long if she doesn’t seek direction from God. Not judging but had high hopes for this young lady and she came to the gate running but bad judgement and poor choices have made people sit down on her. I pray she will get guidance and adhere to it, most of all pray. She is truly gifted, just needs to get on track.

  4. Trell Dod says

    Really no one said it was about her!! When will black folks stop putting others down? If you can’t say something positive then keep your mouth shut. She doesn’t need a singing contract. She didn’t go there on her own they requested her so please stop looking for an audience.

  5. Faith Young says

    My sincere condolescence to The Adkins family. It appears the family definitely had a celebration of life for their Dad, however LeAndria was absolutely horrible!

  6. Delia Steinbrenner says

    I agree with Sandra because this was HORRIBLE. Vocal Acrobatics and repetitive phrases that don’t connect do not make you a great singer. If you KNOW MUSIC then you would know that LeAndria missed the boat on this one. The audience is overcome with grief and emotion so they would stand up for anything at this point. LeAndria was dressed poorly and she sang poorly. She forgot that she was in The House Of the Lord and not da club. To the poster who said something about black people putting down other black folks, well how can you tell a person’s race by their typing acumen? People have the right to express their opinions whether Black, White, Yellow, Brown or Plaid. Leave race out of this and just comment on the awful job done by Johnson.

  7. Sandra S. says

    Come on people, I agree that if the Adkins family chose her, then that is who they wanted and they are familiar with her kind of worship. Who now says how we re suppose to dress for the occasion? So glad God is my judge and not man.lets pray for each other instead of trying to find fault in everything others do.

  8. Jacqeline Green says

    I would like to express my deepest sympathy to the family of Eddie Atkins. He was a great man of God. I am glad to be able to remember the many days of shut-ins at West Angeles COGIC. He was always friendly and a great spiritual confident and leader. May The Lord encourage your hearts as you heal from this great loss. God Bless You.

  9. Tash venable says

    I think she did a good job she sound fine people talking about what she had on people don’t have wear all black to funerals anymore the family enjoyed it that’s all that matter idk why people are so quick to judge, be negative, ignorant, rude etc what’s so sad about it is it’s usually black people putting other black people down the family know how leandria sing that’s probably why they chose her for her “hollering” people just stop already all this negativity isn’t necessary all the time god bless you all!

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