Congrats! Deitrick & Dominique Haddon expecting another baby girl!! #preachersofla

PinExt Congrats! Deitrick & Dominique Haddon expecting another baby girl!! #preachersofla

dominique haddon pregant Congrats! Deitrick & Dominique Haddon expecting another baby girl!! #preachersofla

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The Preachers of LA finale episode ended with a bang. Deitrick gathered the family together during the wedding reception and announced that he and Dominique were expecting another baby!

Now I’m wondering if Preachers of LA will get another season. You know, I hope it does because I want to see more of Dominique’s mom, Faye. She is hilarious!! When she said she had to go and “put her hair on” while they were getting ready for the wedding, I was too done!! LOL!!

Check out what Deitrick blogged about the new baby:

When I found out Dominique was pregnant, it was a surprise and a blessing at the same time. Both my children were surprises to me, but they’re here, and I am grateful. I always wanted kids, and God saw me fit to bless me with a family — and he’s blessing me fast! Dominique can certainly have babies really strong. Plus, Dominique and I are really attracted to each other, physically, spiritually and emotionally, so I have to be careful or I’ll suddenly have 12 children with her!

We’re having another baby girl! Destin really needs a baby sister, because she needs to stop bossing me around. We’re naming her Denver Monroe Haddon, unless I get an epiphany and decide to change it. But we’re definitely sticking with the D names: Deitrick, Dominique, Destin, Denver.

The wedding was perfect. When I saw Destin walk down the aisle, she let me know that the test, the trial, the persecution was all worth it. It was God telling me: “Deitrick through it all, I’m still rewarding you, even through your failures, I’m still blessing you.” Yet, according to people, I was wrong. I’m not a man of God…Because of my daughter? At the end of the day, a child is a blessing of the Lord. Seeing that really lifted a load off my shoulders, and at the end of the day, I’m winning.

Then, when I saw Dominique come after her, it was   overwhelming for me. I’m a man’s man. I don’t believe in crying, but I couldn’t contain myself. I was thinking about all that Dominique had gone through. She didn’t ask for this world.

Read the rest over at the Oxygen website!!

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gospelsongsonlinebanner Congrats! Deitrick & Dominique Haddon expecting another baby girl!! #preachersofla

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