Listen to new music from Jessica Reedy!!

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Gospel’s favorite girl Jessica Reedy has released new music. Take a listen and let me know what you think. Pick up “Better” on Amazon by clicking on the picture below. Also available on iTunes!

Jessica Reedy Better


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    Hey Ms. Jessica your music is very powerful, Anointed, it touch alots of HEARTS! you keep on letting God use.. LOVE YOU, BE BLESSED!!!

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    I left you a comment on your Facebook pg back in 2013 (December) after you appeared at the New Beginning benefit concert. I just want to squeeze you sooooooooo much! You are bodaciously singing what you’re hearing in the Spiritual realm! There’s so much I want to tell you! For lack of time … “go forth EXACTLY the way GOD is leading YOU” … You are singing a melody unknown to man … singing notes man has yet to hear & pluck out on the keyboard! Let me stop before I “go in” on this website! Luv u Psalmist!

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