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deitrick haddon married

This is for all my fans and family. I put this together and its a doggone HIT! But nobody’s gettin’ it but ya’ll…my favorite peeps. Just click the link, follow the instructions, and 10 seconds from now, you will be boppin’ you head like you lost your mind! It is BANANAS! Share the link with your best homies too. Your peeps are my peeps. Yeeup!

Download Deitrick Haddon Restoration here:

I wanted to stop & sincerely thank my fans for their love and support this year. You guys really held a brother down, and wouldn’t let me give up this year.

It has been a a blessed year for me. I married the love of my life & mother of my child Dominique. #PreachersofLA became a groundbreaking #1 hit show for @oxygen, with well over 1 million views for 8 consecutive weeks. Then to finish the year strong, my hit radio single “Have Your Way” is nominated for the 2014 Grammy Award for Best Gospel song. Wow..

I don’t share any of this boastfully because you can’t have Glory without pain. I had my share of pain this year, but through it all God has been faithful! Deitrick Haddon Facebook

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