Woman Thou Art Loosed 2014 To Be In Atlanta!

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 Woman Thou Art Loosed 2014

See schedule of events here: http://wtal.org/schedule/

Watch live with All Access here: http://wtal.org/allaccess/

The mega popular Woman Thou Art Loosed conference will be in Atlanta, GA this year. The conference will run from October 2nd through October 4th at the Philips Arena. Join in on Twitter using the hashtag #WTAL!!

The speakers for this year include Bishop T.D. Jakes, Mrs. Serita Jakes, Sarah Jakes, Christine Caine, Dr. Jasmin W. Sculark, Dr. Claudette Copeland and Pastor Van Moody.

Register Here—>WTAL 2014. General seating is $75.00 and Advantage Seating is $100.00.

Don’t miss this opportunity to register and celebrate with others from around the globe. If you’re a woman who has overcome any obstacle or you’re looking to transform your life, then Woman Thou Art Loosed 2014 is for you!

Join Bishop Jakes, First Lady Serita Jakes and other phenomenal speakers for spirit-filled worship as women throughout the world unite to honor God and pay tribute to one another during this prophetic time.

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  1. Ternessa says

    My friends are going to be there from Texas! Can’t wait! God is moving!

  2. nikeisha lowe says

    God is working, me and my have been talking about this and here it is yes my friends and family will be there….ATL its finally here yes!!!!!

  3. Lisa Welch Marshall & Dr.Nathalie P.Jones says

    Praise God to him we give thanks.we are so excited. To God be the Glory.

  4. says

    I have been to WTAL conference 2X n my life…..n every time I have been it has been a mighty move of God…If u have never been u need to put aside everything thing that had been stopping u from going n get on the train n get on board u will never b the same again…

  5. says

    WTAL is the bomb i’ve gone to 3 or 4 and the blessings in the message…God is Divine and intentional….I never cease to be amazed by The Father working in and through Brother Jakes .. Awesome Awesome Awesome. ..I will do what I can to make it…l wouldn’t want to miss it.

  6. watchman says

    We need to stop putting these people up on these pedestals. Jakes is in a backslidden state, making excuses for sinful, sexually inappropriate movies, but still want to claim Christ for the sole purpose of keeping the money flow from the church and the world at the same time. Where is the DISERNMENT in these last days??? Sadly folks want their flesh tickled, instead of being committed to Christ.

  7. wade says

    Watchman, why are you so angry? I’m a woman of God excited for the opportunity to fellowship. No one is on a pedestal. No one is without sin either. GOD bless all of us. We need it.

  8. cynthia dickson says

    I wantto go this year I need someone to be a blessing to me with a ticket. I just don’t have it .God got it.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Brenda says

    Me and my niece are driving to Atlanta from Indianapolis, Indiana. We will be attending the conference with my other niece whom lives in Atlanta. We are so excited !

  10. valarece johnson says

    Are there any groups or church organizations going to theWTAL conference from New York. Any group
    that includes transportation, hotel and ground transportation? I am interested. Please let me know

  11. Easter says

    I would like to go. I just need a ride or plane ticket back to VA. Any one going or can you please help me to come back home. I cAn even drive if someone help me rent a car it’s an 8 hr drive… Please!!!!!!!’ God I thank you for my blessing. An opportunity to receive from you at this conference and for blessing me with the finances I need to come home. God bless you everyone

  12. Vivian says

    This will be my third conference. I’m so excited because”the wait is over”. Write the vision ladies. Write the vision. I’m expecting great things.

  13. says

    I am super excited! My company Spiritual Sweets, LLC will be a vendor this year!
    We are a lifestyle brand and ministry for girls and women!
    Come by and say hello!

  14. Denise says

    2 WTAL 2014 tickets for sale. Very good seats in the gold 100 section. The tickets are in the Huntsville area. If interested please contact nesevoss@aol com

  15. Sally coon cooper says

    My second round WTAL n I’m glad ladies from my home town well be attending ,Diane cooper ,Irene Mianscum ,Brenda Moore ,all the way from province Canada Quebec of waswanipi PTL

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