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  1. says

    God is always good in all of our lives,eeven if we chose to marry or not, long as we stay consistent to the word of our testimony of deliverance.

  2. Angela Greene says

    Dear Pastor Donnie McClurkin:
    I Truly Love You! You have been such a Blessing in My Life and You are so Sexy to Me! Bless You! Much Love,

  3. ruth tembo says

    pastor i realy love u,how i wish i came from your rib,i love your voice,your group & all your songs,you really inspire me wth your singing & you are my role model

  4. Thembisile Mutlanyana says

    You’re whole and complete in the eyes of the Lord, one does not need to get married to be perfect. Any way marriage is about flesh! Just stay blessed and Awesome for the Lord!!!! Hallelujah!!!!!!

  5. Thomas Samuel francis. you have been a blessing and a menthor to me. I thank God for your life says

    Thank God for your life pastor Donnie you ar a blessing

  6. Oscar S Ntombela says

    Hi Man if God,

    You are a gift from above a true worshiper of God and a great minister of the word through your inspiring music.

    God bless u more!!!!

  7. Yvonne says

    Every single sermon he preaches and every song he sings has touched my heart. He is truly an inspiration to me and my family. May God continue to bless him.

  8. JOYCE says

    Iove you Donnie,but all should your man of God,marry when you want to or if GOd tells you to ,but please keep making

  9. amanda says

    Donnie you are awesome. Love your preaching and singing all under the anointing of God. Love you much…..stay blessed of the Lord. Don’t ever stop what God has given you to do. . You inspire millions.

  10. Winning says

    Dear pastor,i was glad to hear your voice condeming d same sex marriage in America.may God depend on you to d end.HE IS LOOKING FOR JUST ONE PERSON TO STANT FOR HIM.may you b d one.the lord keep u n strenghtens u to stand till d end.i wil surport u in prayer.

  11. Denise Glenn says

    I trust that God has you in his hands and I know that the woman that you do marry will the gift that God had given to you stay in his grace…..

  12. Pauline S says

    Paster you are truly a man of God. Since my family and I attended Prefecting Faith and became became a members. We excel in our Christian life. The way you preaches and teaches, make us know the word of God more. We thank God for You, one that would Stand as your song said. God Bless We Love.

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