Gospel Tweets: Wess Morgan Sets The Record Straight About His New Marriage, Former Wife Betsy Morgan Responds On Facebook!

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Wess Morgan

Wess Morgan tweets about his painful divorce after over 18 years of marriage and announces that he’s been happily re-married since January.

And his new wife is now three months pregnant! Wow, this is a surprise!

betsy morgan

Betsy Morgan

This is what Wess’s former wife Betsy Morgan had to say about the situation on her Facebook page yesterday.

She wrote that she “loved that man like crazy” and “would have never left.” She said she got the call last night that he had re-married and had a baby on the way. She seemed to be most upset that the marriage and baby was kept from the children they have together. Read the post below!

As many of you know I went through a painful divorce. I stayed through his drug addiction. Two another children during our marriage. By two different women.

Was I a perfect wife… absolutely not. Did I make mistakes…. of course. Are there things I wish I could do over… yes! I will say that I loved that man like crazy! I would have never left. I stood by his side through it all.

So when I get a call last night that he’s remarried and has a baby on the way. Did it mess with me… of course. I don’t understand who gets married and doesn’t tell their children? I don’t understand why he’s transparent after the fact. I don’t understand if this is such a joyous occasion why did you hide it from your children? Why was it kept from your congregation? Why was it necessary to blindside my children?

Wow! SMH….

Wess Morgan Preaching

Facebook Comments


  1. debbie says

    How much more does Wess Morgan have to do…. walk a mile in his shoes, and see how many good choices you make while having an addiction. Do any of you have a past that your not proud of? How many of you have struggled to be a good christian????? I know I sure have. None of us are sinless…..God has blessed him because he has changed….He now can speak of his past because he is forgiven by the only one that matters….my words to you Wess is don’t look back, keep doing God’s work. Obviously there are too many looking back for you!

  2. jenny says

    What ever you went through in your marriage was a choice. I’m by no means condoning what wess did only saying we make choices and you choose to stand by judge. . Once you were divorced his life was his own. God’s word say o no man nothing but to love him. The end. Should he have told his kid’s yes; they should have been the first to no. Now you want to tell all ? are you thinking of the kids. Not. So what makes you better than him. He was on drugs makes for good reading. But God has given him another chance. Let go let God. He is the

  3. CJ says

    To whom much is given…much is expected….the steps of a righteous man are ordered by God! it matters not where we start, but where we end!! may Gods blessings be on all those that stood by you, and those that remain by you now!

  4. child of YHWH says

    Hi Mrs. Morgan don’t listen to these trolls, keep praying to Jesus Christ and believe. Also there’s a good chance that somebody worked something on your husband to get him to do the things he’s doing. And also in Jesus’ eyes you and he are still married. Keep praying for his deliverance. To those reading this read KJV Mark 16:15-20, Acts 2, Acts 10:35 through to the last verse. Salvation is a free gift to all people, all you need to do is accept it not work for it. Hope to see you all in heaven or at least in the millennium period.

  5. Carolyn says

    I am a pk (preacher’s kid) and am now a pastor who has 4 pk’s. Wow, the presdure to be perfect is unbelievable. I don’t put that pressure on my kids, but others do. I rebelled in school and got put out because I didn’t want people calling me a church girl and thinking I was weak. I met him. He is genuine and open. Forgive him and move on with your imperfect life and kids.

  6. says

    Be blessed, God is still in charge he sits hi and looks low. God says in his holy word a good man’s steps are ordered by the lord. who can know the heart of a man, mankind it’s deceitfully wicked. Pastor Morgan, you do not know me , your music in psalm has ministered to me time and time again as I am going through the storms in my life. Under an Open Heaven Volume I, II Livin don’t worry you have a lovely family I count you as a real and true brother/friend in the Lord. a real man of God, thank you to your parents. I am praying for you, I love to hear you preach, slow down it will come, you made it through for other believers like myself and I appreciate you. Your ministering in songs are so real, and uplifting.

  7. Min.Dwm says

    We as people’s of God along this way we are going to make mistakes. It is between God and you. I do not know what happen between wes and his first wife but God knows. it seems here that temptation took over and led to other things. God is a forgiving God, we have to move on from sin and mistakes and grow in grace.. God forgives us for falling but not keep falling, get up and live right from now on. I love his songs they have a message to us and it seem like he sings from his very heart and life. So we can’t condemn him, he don’t belong to us, but God. if God forgive him we have too as well. So let us lift our brother up instead of tearing him down . It could have been us, so let us pray for one another live holy and go to heaven.. Forgiveness is the best tool and move on.

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