Video: The Walls Group-Love On The Radio


I love this group!! Check out the latest video from The Walls Group–Darrel (23), Rhea (18), Paco (17) and Ahjah (16). Their new CD, Fast Forward, will be available on September 2nd on iTunes, Amazon and stores everywhere. It’s the second release from the Kirk Franklin Fo Yo Soul Recordings/RCA label. The Walls Group Love [..Read More..]

Son of Al ‘The Bishop’ Hobbs, Alex Hobbs, Passes in Tragic Gun Accident


This is beyond sad. Alex Hobbs, the son of the late Al “The Bishop” Hobbs, passed away after accidentally shooting himself while cleaning his gun on August 28th. According to Praise Indy, Hobbs, who was an officer in the US Army, was found in his apartment near Norfolk Naval Base. Alex’s father, the beloved Al [..Read More..]

No Ringy, No Dingy!! See Episode 202 of Preachers Of L.A. aka The Noel Jones & Loretta Show


So yeah, last night’s episode of The Preachers of L.A. ran me a little low. Too much going on…. Ron Gibson is really trying to get to the bottom of Noel Jones and Loretta’s relationship. The double date with Ron & LaVette and Noel & Loretta was an epic one, complete with name calling. Ron [..Read More..]

New Music From Jessica Reedy!


Great news, right? Take a listen to Jessica’s new singles, “Grace” and “Hold On,” which are both due to be on her upcoming release, Transparent, which has a release date of November 11th. “Hold On” features Jessica’s mother, Mary Reedy. Let me know what you think! Be sure to request the new songs at your [..Read More..]

BET Sunday Best: Vote For Your Favorite–Candace or Geoffrey!

BET sunday best

Did you watch Sunday Best 7 last night? I hope you did, if not you missed a great show! Some of the greatness: 1. Candace Benson’s rendition of Mary Mary’s hit “Yesterday”–so heartfelt!! See It Here 2. Geoffrey Golden’s praise break after singing “Marvelous”–I couldn’t believe they showed so much of it! See It Here! [..Read More..]