Loved the latest Mary Mary reality show! See the full episode below + See preview of next week’s show

mary mary reality show

I really enjoyed the show this week. Alana finally gets married and it was a wild ride!! Lots of drama ensued to get to that place. Check out the wedding kiss! LOL!! Check out the latest Mary Mary episode below. Let me know what you think of the season so far! Season 2-Episode 5 -Mary Mary-Wedding [..Read More..]

Check out a funny deleted clip from Mary Mary’s reality show

LOL! Yup, I see why this one was deleted. Be sure to tune in to Mary Mary each Thursday on WE tv at 9 pm ET!!  I’ve watched every episode and I’ve enjoyed every one. I’m glad that the show is coming back for a second season.  It’s great to see such a loving family [..Read More..]

That song that Mary Mary sung on their show last week……….

…..“Say a Good Prayer” was beautiful!! The song stayed in my head for quite some time after I heard it. I’m not sure if it’s on one of their CD’s or not, but it’s a winner. If anybody knows if it’s recorded or not let me know. Anywho, check out the Mary’s singing it for [..Read More..]

Pole dancing on the next episode of the Mary Mary show?? Hmmm…..

On the next episode of Mary Mary’s new reality show on WeTv, the sisters are adding pole dancing exercising to the mix. And just for the record, Tina is not cutting for it at all. At all…..“Tina Mary ain’t getting on the pole.” Well, good for Tina. Of course, folks will do what they want, [..Read More..]

Mary Mary News: New video, new vlog, new CD (@therealmarymary)

Who’s been watching the new Mary Mary reality show on WEtv? I have and I love it!! I’m looking forward to seeing what’s going to happen this Thursday. Mitchell and GooGoo are so funny and the dynamic between Tina and Erica is interesting to watch. They remind me of me and my sister–we fight and [..Read More..]